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Farmland Forever Society

American Farmland Trust is proud to welcome its legacy supporters to the "Farmland Forever Society," so named because everyone who has made this contribution is making the difference to protect agricultural land and the way of life it offers to generations to come.

We are deeply grateful to the members of the Society. If you have included American Farmland Trust in your estate plans, but are not yet welcomed into the Society, please Contact Us.

Farmland Forever Society Honor Roll

American Farmland Trust gratefully acknowledges this special group of farsighted benefactors who have included AFT in their wills or other estate plans.

Wendy Andreassi

Judith Asphar

Carol M. Bagos

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bahr

Elizabeth S. Banks

Sylvia Barnard

Anne Basten

Elizabeth L. C. Beck

Barry Benepe

Gordon Bennett

John F. Bentley

Judy and Dennis Berman

Graeme Blake

Betty E. Blumenkamp

Michael J. Boone

Harriet and David Borton

Bayard Breeding

Larry T. Brown

Roger H. Brown

Vern A. Brusewitz

Rachel E. Carpenter

Mary Fran Cary

Karen Chaffraix

David Cline

Kathryn and Douglas


Steven L. Conrad

Ms. Dorothy A. Corso

Leslie H. Cox

Mary Jane Cox

Tanya Craig

Zeblyon R. Craig

David Dalnodar

Ruthellen Davis

C. Vincent De Sepio

Dorothea de Zafra Atwell

Karen D. Dean

Charlotte Dewey

Mr. and Mrs. William Dietel

Jane and Frank Dilley

Jane Dunham

Anna and Michael Eddy

Henry W. English

William W. Farkas

Judith Farrar

Virginia A. Faust

John Fish

Sonya L. Franson

Peter Frederick

Dr. Thesia I. Garner

Ellen Gaskey

Julia Gibbs

Neal and Gertrude Goldsmith

Arlene Goranson

Ken Grierson

Steve Griffith

Patricia Grose

Ralph and Judy Grossi

Eileen Gunning

Nora P. Hall

Anne Hammond

Brenda Hauser

James E. and

Joan C. Henly

Alphus and Sherri Herndon

Thomas and Sharon Herndon

Doreen Hlavaty

Dr. Mark D. Holly

Helen M. Hoover

Field Horne

Dr. Donald Hoyt

Clarice Hunter

Richard L. Huttinger

Mr. and Mrs. Loren A. Jahn

Karen Jensen

Peggy Johnson

Soone E. Johnson

Clare E. Jones

Theresa Joseph

Sherwin A. Kane

Marion R. Kee

Brent B. King

Chris Klein

Gary and Pam Kleppel

Suzanne P. Kloman

Steve Koontz

Bruce G. Koprucki

Earl Lambert

Clay and Jeanette Leister

Sherman and Alison Lewis

Thomas R. Lindberg

Stewart Lindsey

Dorothy Lockspeiser

Dr. Layne A. Longfellow

Helen Lorinc

Ingrid A. Louiselle

Mr. and Mrs. William Luyben

Deanna Macek

William MacLean

Emily Malecki

Ann Markham

Audrey J. Marshall

John and Barbara Matsinger

Patricia Matthias

Dennis J. McArthur

The John P. McBride Family

Martha McDaniel

Susan T. McKenna

R. J. McLaughlin

Daniel McNamara, Sr.

John V. Meeks

Alice N. Mills

Sally V. Mills

Richard E. Molyneaux

Dianne C. and Roy Ellis Moody

Mr. Billy Moore

David Moore

David H. Morris

Eva S. Moseley

Margo Murman

John and Dee Nabozny

Shannon C. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Noonan

Robert and Julia Northrop

Col. Novak

Dee Oudin

William and Carol Palladini

Mary T. Pratt

Mr. and Mrs. Ben G. Priest

Dr. Paul F. Randel

Jennifer Reed

Jan Reetz

Gretchen and Richard Regnery

Melinda Roth

Gene Rozenboom

Lori and Jonathan Sallet

Joan Samara

Esther Sands

Julie Sanscrainte

Jean Schauffler

Barbara Schnell

Ralph Schrock

Elsa Schultz

Janice M. Scott

Mrs. William C. Senshen

Amy Sharpe

Tom Sharratt

Ellen Sieh

Renee Skrzypchak

J. Thomas and Edna Smith

Jessica Smith

Meredith Sorensen

Dr. Gregory C. Speer

Linda Spurlin

Lewis Steele

Leslie K. Stegman

Charles Steininger

Mary Strauss

Evelyn B. Teerlinck

Tex Teixeira

Theo Family

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thomas

Charles Thompson

Robert Thompson

Lise Thomsen-Jones

William Tobin

John H. Tunstall

Julie Foster VanCamp

Rodney Varner

Van Vibber

Lowry Watkins

Lisa Wersal

Jack Wetzel

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Whitener

Gail Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wittwer

Henry Wong

Jill Woolums

Anonymous (22)